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The 28th AAPPS Council Meeting & the 8th Ordinary General Meeting (OGM)
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Date : Jul 14 - 17, 2013
Place : Chiba, Japan

The 28th AAPPS Council Meeting &
the 8th Ordinary General Meeting (OGM)

July 14 / 17, 2013
 Chiba, Japan


The AAPPS held the 28th Council Meeting, the 8th Ordinary General Meeting and the new Council Meeting during the 'APPC12' week. These meetings drew particular attention as the AAPPS was set to elect a new president and new council members.


The 28th Council Meeting got off to a nice start with fruitful reports from council members on July 14, 2013. The meeting was attended by 13 council members and five observers.


Following a series of reports on AAPPS finances, accounts and the organization of the APPC12 and the ASEPS3 by the treasurer, Tohru Motobayashi, vice chair of the organizing committee and Gui Lu Long, Won Namkung, the Editor-in-Chief gave a briefing on the status of AAPPS Bulletin publication, which resumed in August 2011 as a bimonthly bulletin. He also gave a summary on the budget and the mailing status among society members. A serious discussion was made regarding the long term plan to make the AAPPS Bulletin an SCI journal. And then, Ching-Ray Chang gave a presentation on 'Women in Physics' followed by a proposal for the amendment of the council members' term by Masatoshi Arai. It was unanimously agreed that the maximum period of a membership is three consecutive terms (up to nine years) while this restriction does not apply to the outgoing President who shall be an ex-officio member of the Council for one term. There followed reports on the current status and recent activities by 12 member societies.


Finally, Nagamiya, the president gave a presentation on the AAPPS Activities for the years of 2011-2013 including the budget, connections to physical societies, the Bulletin, the formation of divisions, financial support to the IPhO and APhO, the C. N Yang Award, the APPC12 and the ASEPS3.





On July 17, 2013, the 8th Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) took place.
The main agenda item of the OGM was the election of new council members. The new council consists of sixteen members including a new secretary and the outgoing president. All 17 candidates were recommended for 14 election positions.


Each society cannot have more than 25% of the seats, and thus no more than four were accepted from one country. After the first vote, the candidate with the lowest number of votes was withdrawn. Then, in the second vote, one person was elected among the remaining three.  Consequently, fourteen members were elected.


A miss-count of the vote in the OGM was found in the reconfirmation process at the new Council Meeting. The OGM was immediately called to order again, and after a discussion, the number of elected Council Members was agreed to increase to fifteen in total instead of fourteen. With a newly approved candidate added, the final list of the new council members is as follows:


Ching-Ray Chang of PS Taipei; SP Chia of the Malaysian Institute of Physics; Sow Chorng Haur of the Institute of Physics, Singapore; Mitsumasa Iwamoto of JSAP; Kuijuan Jin of CPS; Fu-Jen Kao of PS Taipei; Seunghwan Kim of KPS; Yoshio Kuramoto of JPS ;Young-Pak Lee of KPS; Nguyen Quang Liem of the Vietnamese Physical Society; Gui Lu Long of CPS; Robert Robinson of the Australian Institute of Physics; Xing Zhu of CPS; Leihan Tang of CPS, Hong Kong; Monika Raharti of the Indonesian Physical Society.


The new council was recalled and made a discussion on the election of the new president and vice president. Seunghwan Kim from the KPS was recommended and there was no other nomination. Accordingly, a YES/NO type of confidence vote was taken. Seunghwan Kim was elected as a new president. by vote of ten in favor.


In the vice president election, there were two nominations: Gui Lu Long and Ching Ray Chang. However, Chang declined the nomination. After another YES/NO type of confidence vote, Gui Lu Long was selected as a new vice president by vote of 14 in favor.


 R. Robinson of AIP proposed that the next APPC13 be hosted by AIP in Brisbane, Australia in three years, suggesting December 2016. The registration fees will be kept as low as possible and hopefully will be $400. Financial support to subsidize attendance by students and staff from developing countries will be also considered.











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