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Editor's Note

AUGUST, 2018

30 years have passed since the founding of the Association of Asia Pacific Physical Societies (AAPPS). Together with holding the Asia Pacific Physics Conference (APPC) approximately every three years, the publication of our Bulletin, which started in 1991, is one of the major activities of AAPPS. These AAPPS activities have been initiated, supported, and developed by the great efforts of many outstanding figures like Swee Ping Chia (Malaysia) and Pauchy Hwang (PS-Taipei), who both, unfortunately, recently passed away. Enhancing AAPPS activities and increasing the visibility of the Bulletin have been always targets of discussion.

Now, the Bulletin is entering a new stage in physics research in the Asia Pacific region. As mentioned in the last Editor’s Note, we wish to extend the scope of the Bulletin to include research papers with peer reviews. This shift is based on discussions held in the AAPPS Council Meeting last December. As a first step, in this August issue we have published articles of this category in the Asia Pacific Center for Theoretical Physics (APCTP) Section. The research papers have been written by three former leaders of the Junior Research Groups at APCTP and they were reviewed by APCTP. An ad-hoc committee is being formed in order to move toward the more systematic operation of a research paper publication. The committee will design the review system and will be the first board of experts dedicated to edit the research paper section. The process so far has been conducted by the editorial board of the Bulletin, in collaboration with APCTP. It should be noted that this new program is supported by a budget from the Korean government, which APCTP has secured.

Other efforts in a similar vein were also made. For example, a DOI (digital object identifier) number is now assigned to each article in the Feature Articles section of the Bulletin. Updates and extensions of the mailing list for the distribution of the Bulletin are in progress, and various ways of delivering the Bulletin’s information to individual researchers are being considered.

In order to promote the activities of the AAPPS divisions, we are encouraging the respective leaders of the divisions to write reports. Up to this issue, six articles from the DPP (Division of Plasma Physics), DACG (Division of Astrophysics, Cosmology and Gravitation), and the DNP (Division of Nuclear Physics) have appeared in the Society News section. We expect more reports in future issues, because new divisions will be formed soon.

Tohru Motobayashi

AAPPS Bulletin

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